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Tired as a Mother

I’m a work at home mama. I wear leggings most days and I’d be lying if I said my hair wasn’t normally in a messy mom bun. Oh, and I’m habitually tired.

It’s crazy how I truly, honestly, wholeheartedly thought I was tired before I became a mom. I would come from work, drop myself down on the couch (face first), reach for the remote, kick off my shoes, (sometimes not all in this order), and grunt while I reached for the television remote.

I was legitimately tired. Something I’ve recently learned? There’s tired. Then there’s mama tired.

While my pre-motherhood-unaware-of what-holy-crap-i’m-really-tired-self would indulge in some guilty television watching for the next couple of hours before dinner out at a local sushi joint with friends, my new mama tired day would go something like this:

I’m tired. Change diaper. Drink coffee. Run after toddler. Step on toys. Pickup toys. Make breakfast. Feed toddler. Eat whatever’s left. Change toddler’s clothes. Change diaper. Clean. Wash dishes. Storytime. Get snack ready. Diaper. Naptime. Diaper. Clean. Prep Dinner. Diaper. Make lunch. Feed toddler lunch. Diaper. Change toddler’s clothes. Do dishes and eat lunch (or the crust off his PB&J, lets’ get real). Clean. Art play. Diaper. Pool time. Walk. Snack time. Diaper. Make dinner. Feed toddler. Diaper. Eat leftovers at counter. Give toddler bath. Pick stuff out of hair. Pajama time. Bedtime routine. Work (because fun fact most work at home mamas work at night.) Sleep. Wake up tired and smiling because you get to spend the day with the most wonderful person in the world. Your baby. ❤

This is motherhood. This is tired. I wouldn’t change it for the world.